As the snow is (finally) starting to fall in Northern Colorado, a question we get asked a lot is whether or not it is a good idea to paint during the winter. While there are definitely a number of things that make exterior painting more complicated during the snowy season, winter is actually the perfect time for interior painting. With a little bit of planning, preparation, and professional help, the upcoming snow days provide an exceptional opportunity to upgrade the paint colors of any Loveland or Fort Collins home.

Winter Lighting Is Great for Painting

Find the highest quality professional painters in Fort Collins today.When it comes to interior painting, the majority of homeowners are primarily concerned with choosing the right paint color. However, one of the things many people overlook when planning to paint a room is the lighting, and winter provides some of the best possible natural lighting for interior painting. During a snowstorm, the amount of light being naturally reflected increases exponentially, and the following days provide ample opportunity for premium lighting.

The fact of the matter is good lighting is absolutely crucial when painting a room. Therefore, the better the lighting is, the better the paint job will be. Good lighting allows for a number of things to happen during the painting process: it accurately shows the paint color; it allows for painters to place the right amount of color; and it speeds up the painting process by showing the difference between unpainted and painted areas. While snow definitely helps reflect light, a snow free day is no problem. Because of the amount of sunshine in Colorado, on average 300 days a year, clear winter days still provide the perfect opportunity for interior painting jobs.

Interior Painting Preparations

Once you have decided to make a change to the paint color in your home this winter, there are a couple of preparations you should make to the room that is being painted, even if you have hired a professional painter to handle the job. In order to maximize the light, be sure to remove curtains or blinds to allow for the most winter light possible. Additionally, removing light switch plates and outlet covers will allow for the job to progress smoothly and quickly. Finally, it is important to remember that rooms need to be ventilated while being painted. Choosing a water based latex paint as well as a paint low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will keep the “fresh paint” smell to a minimum. If possible, cracking a window or hooking up a box fan will help minimize the odors.

Winter Paint Drying

One question many people ask is how the winter weather will affect the drying process of the paint. Fortunately, with interior painting, there should be little to no side effects from painting a room during the winter. While snowy conditions can create additional challenges during exterior painting, interior painting should not be bothered by the weather. The only thing to remember is to close the windows in the event of unfavorable weather conditions.

Although winter provides plenty of opportunities for Fort Collins and Loveland residents to hit the slopes, it is also a great time to hire an interior painter. When you need a residential painter, contact Horner Painting or call Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Local®  painters at 970-616-4919.