Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re about to paint the interior of your house, you may find yourself looking at hundreds of swatches in your local hardware store, or you may find yourself glassy-eyed as you peruse aisle after aisle at a paint supplier store. We get it. It’s difficult to select a color scheme for your home’s interior (if not overwhelming to the point of being stressful!). And your first thought may be, I really don’t want to mess this up.

So how do you ensure that you aren’t mucking up your upcoming painting project? What are some of the most common mistakes out there, that you ought to steer clear of? Well, we’re somewhat of an authority on paint color (as Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Local® home painters), so we have a few pointers to avoid. Here’s our two cents:

Too Dark for the Lighting

Don’t go too dark in rooms that have little lighting. Consider both the natural light and artificial light that your room will receive (and think about both daytime and nighttime lighting situations). Ask yourself, Will this paint color look even darker in this room? Will it look too dark in the darkest conditions? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you should consider a different, lighter color. Also, be sure to consider the changing seasons, which will affect the natural light of your space, and don’t forget about the shadows that your furniture will cast around the room.

Too Light for the Dark

On the flip side, if you have a room that lacks much light, you won’t want to pick a color that is too light. Light colors can look off in a room, where that small amount of light can make all the walls look shadowy, which can be off-putting. Instead, go with a moderately light color in a dark space, and opt for a moderately dark color in a light space.

Forgotten Flooring

Don’t forget that you likely won’t change your flooring anytime soon. As such, your flooring will prove to be an anchor for your room, and you should consider the color of the floor as you begin to look at swatches of paint. For example, if you have a yellow wood floor, painting the walls yellow can be overwhelming. When you’re paring down your color options, be sure to compare colors with your floor, in addition to the features and furniture around your home.

Splitting Contiguous Rooms

If you have an open floor plan — perhaps where your kitchen bleeds into your living and dining rooms — then you should celebrate that continuity instead of splitting it up. While you may be tempted to give each room its own color scheme, it will prove more beneficial to keep a color scheme that flows throughout your spaces. Blocking off these spaces will look just that — blocky.

Too Much Character

Your home should sing, not yell. While a bold accent or two will look great when used sparingly and in the right places, too much color will look contrived. Stick to a handful of colors that work well together, and refrain from choosing clashing color schemes which can prove to have “too much character.”

Falling Into Fads

While it’s tempting to go with the latest fad, fads fade. So if you’re thinking about painting your walls with a glossy red or a metallic gold, don’t forget that those styles may be fleeting. Instead, opt for tried and true colors. While you can still get creative with your color schemes — and you should — note that the latest and greatest may not look so great soon.

Too Much Matching

It’s tempting to match your paint perfectly with a cherished set of furniture or perhaps a set of cabinets, but your spaces may be overwhelmed with too much of the same color. If you’re in danger of swimming in a sea of cocoa brown, consider adding in lighter browns, charcoals, and greys to both mix and match.

Neutral Overload

Neutral colors are an easy choice, and they’re rarely an eyesore. That said, if every wall is whitewashed in neutral tones, your space may look dead. If you’re going with a neutral color scheme, don’t be afraid to add accent colors or a non-neutral tone or two. Compliment a set of pale blues with a baby blue, or include a chocolate brown with a set of tans, you’ll love the added character and how well your neutrals compliment your accents.

Still in Over Your Head?

If you still can’t decide on the best colors for your spaces, then you can always count on us to guide you as you get ready for your upcoming painting project. We’d be happy to help you decide on the best colors for your home’s interior before we lay down paint. We provide both interior and exterior painting services for folks throughout Northern Colorado. Reach out to us to get started!