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Putting your home on the market is stressful, and it’s likely that you have a laundry list of to-dos to knock out before you feel as though your house is, at the very least, presentable. You’ll have to fix a few fixtures, declutter, and give your home a deep clean. But you may be asking yourself: How can I get the most value out of my home sale? After all, your abode is your greatest asset, and you should get a fair price for such a big investment.

Now, you should be mindful that not all preparations pay off. You should only perform repairs and upgrades that will earn you more money than you invest when you opt to sell your home. Or, you should only perform repairs and upgrades if you’re struggling to sell your home in the first place. Don’t overspend or invest dollars in a project that won’t earn you returns! On that note, here are some considerations to mull over — these are a few projects that are likely to earn you as much money as you invest!

Outdoor Projects and Curb Appeal

First thing’s first, take a fresh look at your home from the street. How does it look? Does it look like a home that was built in the last century? Or does it look a bit lackluster? Make sure your home looks approachable by creating “curb appeal.” Revamp your landscape, and give your home, deck, and fencing some love with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Exterior Painting & Repairs

Your home’s exterior painting can wither away, crack, or discolor over the years. Plus, your home may be damaged by high winds, hail, or even a barbecue that was a bit too close to the siding. If your home has an unsightly exterior, then you should have a professional painter repair and paint the surfaces to make your home look as though it were just built (of course, we can help you with that!). A fresh coat of paint can work wonders to gain attention while boosting the value of your home.

Staining Decks & Fencing

If your deck looks grey and your fences are lined with sprinkler stains, then a staining can work wonders to revitalize the look of your property. Your decking and wood fences should be stained every two to five years to protect them and to keep them looking their best. If you have relatively new wood for your structures, you can use a more transparent stain or finish. If you have older wood with a few blemishes, consider less transparent colors to give the wood a facelift.


Buyers aren’t just looking at your home, they’re looking to buy the whole property. Be sure to spruce up your landscape, especially if you have a barren property or a yard full of weeds. Consider investing in sod, a new tree, river rock, or mulch — whatever makes the most sense for your property. You can even hire a crew for a thorough “clean-up” to knock down dead branches, pull weeds, freshen up mulch, trim hedges, and the like.

Indoor Projects

As we mentioned, you’ll need to declutter your home and fix those fixtures before you put it on the market. Plus, you should give every space a deep cleaning (don’t forget to steam clean the carpets!). Aside from that, you ought to consider updating your interior paint, installing new appliances, and bringing your home’s flooring into the 21st century.

Interior Painting & Repairs

Home buyers will notice that crack in the ceiling, the water spot in the basement, and the hole in the drywall in the mud room. Oh, and it may be time to repaint the bathroom whose avocado green walls “compliment” the yellow bathtub that was installed in the 70s. Be sure to have a professional repair your surfaces and properly texture them to give your home that brand-new feel. If you have gaudy paint throughout your space, consider updating your abode with paint that is more modern and timeless — neutral tones are usually a safe bet.

Update Appliances

Does your kitchen have stainless steel appliances? Was your furnace built this millenium? Outdated appliances aren’t just an eyesore, they could be a safety hazard, and they can be highly inefficient. And that may be enough of a reason for a buyer to look elsewhere. Investing in new appliances may cost a few grand up front, but you can expect to earn most or all of that investment back when you put your home up for sale.

Consider New Flooring

While the cost of remodeling the entire kitchen probably outweighs the returns that you’ll earn back from the sale of your home, redoing the flooring is a far safer bet. Installing new flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, etc. can be an excellent improvement for the home, especially if you’re covering up linoleum that’s been out of style for decades. Installing new flooring is quite quick and relatively inexpensive these days, and you can even do it yourself with a few tools, elbow grease, and some man hours. Invest in composite or real wood flooring to impress potential home buyers.

Your Painting Project Starts Here!

If you’re prepping your home for the market, we’d be ecstatic to help you with our professional painting services. Our painters provide a thorough job that is sure to impress those who are looking for their next home. Plus, we provide minor repair services for surfaces that have been damaged, and we work on both interior and exterior surfaces. Improve the look of your whole home in one fell swoop with Horner Painting — reach out to us today to get started! We proudly provide painting services throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Fort Collins. Count on us to boost your home value and appeal!