How to Expand the Look of Small Rooms Banner

Is your kitchen a bit on the small side? Or perhaps your guest bedroom is only a little larger than the mattress it contains. If you have small rooms in your home, you can make the most of these more intimate spaces with a few key adjustments. Smaller rooms don’t have to feel stuffy. Follow our tips to make the most of those little spaces in your home to make your abode more comfy and cozy, and less cramped.

Use Light Paint Colors

First things first, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to add more space to your rooms. While you may want to avoid pure white (which can look odd in small spaces, especially if dramatic shadows are cast about the room), most lighter colors can trick the eye into making a space feel more open. Consider a light pale blue to expand a tiny bathroom. Or opt for a light grey or neutral tan to give that guest bedroom a bit more of an open ambience. Take note that you may want to avoid gaudy colors, even if they’re bright — for example a neon pink breakfast nook may just be jarring, instead of more spacious. 

Add a Large Mirror

Mirrors can effectively double the look of a space, especially a large mirror that occupies most of one of the walls of a room. Consider investing in a large, wall-mounted mirror to expand your space and to keep light bouncing around the room (which will further aid the perceived spaciousness of the room). Add a large vanity over the bathroom sinks. Or mount a mirror adjacent from the windows of your small kitchen to keep light pouring through the room.

Incorporate Houseplants

Houseplants make a space more breathable, and seemingly more open. If you have a green thumb, buy a few houseplants to scatter throughout the smaller rooms of your home. If your houseplants tend not to make it long, even a fake plant or other natural, decorative elements can help to make your space more open. Pro tip: You can find houseplants that compliment the paint color of the room (or you can find a paint color to compliment your houseplants)!

More Lighting

A dark room seems small and closed, while a well-lit room can feel airy and open. Incorporate more lighting strategically throughout the room to light up nooks and crannies throughout the space that would otherwise be cast in shadow. It’s best to orient lighting so it sweeps across the surfaces of the room (the walls, ceilings, and even furniture), in order to spread the light evenly and give the whole space a warm, welcoming feel. Consider adding a few sources of light, and use light sources that are warm and dissipate light throughout the room. You can also use lampshades that help to dissipate light.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter will quickly make a small room feel cramped. If you have any furniture throughout your home’s smallest rooms, make sure it is absolutely essential for the room, and try to find furniture that is minimalistic. Next, be sure to get rid of any other clutter. Keep your small kitchen’s countertops clean and free from unnecessary appliances. Move toiletries from on top of your tiny bathroom’s sink into the cabinet. Keep your smallest rooms clean and clutter-free to make them cozy and inviting.

Interior Painting Starts Here

If you’re looking to lighten up your home’s more intimate rooms, we can help you with a fresh coat of paint. Count on the crew of professional painters here at Horner Painting to transform your home and maximize those smaller spaces. Reach out to us today to schedule your paint job! We proudly provide painting services throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Fort Collins.