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If picking an exterior paint color for your home wasn’t tricky enough, think about this: Your home’s landscape will change vastly as the seasons pass. And since your home serves as a backdrop for your landscape, a certain color may prove appealing in summer, yet off-putting in winter. So how do you strike a balance? What colors prove timeless, regardless of the time of year? Well, as the Front Range’s trusted painting crew, we’ve gathered a few favorite hues that we find make the cut — after all, we have a couple of decades of experience painting homes here in Northern Colorado where there’s a stark seasonal contrast. Here’s our list of classic home colors that look great regardless of whether your home is engulfed in snow, rain, sun… or leaves!

Barn Red

Let’s kick things off with the odd duck on this list: barn red. While you may not guess that red makes the list at all (and most shades of red, admittedly, won’t make this list), barn red is unique. It looks as good against a snow swept field as it does surrounded by lush trees and bushes. Red — specifically barn red — pops against snow, yet it remains warm and inviting. This hue harkens back to simpler times, times spent around a fireplace or wood-fired stove.

And in the spring and summer, barn red gains even more contrast. Vibrant greens and delightful blossoms will sing against a barn red “canvas.” When autumn rolls around, you’ll enjoy how the warm yellows, oranges, and reds of the leaves naturally bleed into the color of your home’s facade. Consider pairing barn red with white to give your home even more of that old-timey, countryside flavor.

Neutral & Light Blues

Neutral blues and light blues are soothing hues, regardless of the weather and the landscape. Imagine a sky blue home surrounded by a summer garden. Or dormant vines crawling up the red chimney of a blue-grey home to reach a snow-covered roof. From robin’s egg blue to grey-blue, you can find a myriad of hues on this end of the color wheel that work well year-round. Feel free to pick an exciting light hue that is full of color, or a more neutral tone that inspires calm.

Earthy Greens

Earthy greens are opposite on the spectrum from that barn red we mentioned, yet they’re just as apt of a home exterior color. Earthy greens obviously pair well with foliage, yet they don’t look out of place in winter, suggesting that life is only dormant at the moment. Earthy greens pair well with tan, neutral, and white tones, and you can even pull off a bright color accent to make the subtle character of your home a bit more lively. Consider painting your shutters a deep purple, or make your front door a feature by painting it a lively mustard yellow. Even baby blue accents can serve as a tasteful change from the main color of your home’s facade.

Off-Whites, Neutrals, and Tans

If you find all other color choices to be overwhelming, you can always find safety in neutral territory. Consider whites, neutrals, and tan tones to make your home composition subtle, lending all of the character of your property to its landscape. These tones work with nearly any type of siding and building material — from stone to brick to wood — so you can rest assured that your home will look great, regardless of what it’s made of. Just be sure to shy away from tones that are too dark, since they can prove overbearing. And steer clear of pure white, since it can look overly bright (especially in winter) or turn dirty easily.

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