Three Tools Every Painter Should Have

When starting your very first DIY project, you might be overwhelmed with all the materials you will have to purchase beforehand. There is a lot of preparation required on your part before diving into your first painting project, but with the proper tools, your first DIY project can be completed with little to no stress.

At Horner Painting — Fort Collins’ trusted house painters — we’re devoted to providing our fellow painting enthusiasts with all the information needed to pull off a stunning-looking project at home. In this article, we’ll outline a few of the essential items you’ll need to ensure that your first DIY painting project is nothing less than successful.

A Large Tarp or Drop Cloth

Before buying any other materials, you should first look into purchasing an oversized tarp or drop cloth that can sufficiently cover the floor surrounding your desired painting area. While spilling and flicking paint is never intentional, it can cause quite a mess that can be a pain to clean up afterward. By ensuring that you cover your floors with plenty of plastic or cloth material, you can be sure that you’ll be able to easily fold up your tarp or drop cloth afterward leaving little to no mess.

Painter’s Tape

Wondering how the professionals get nice, clean lines when painting around edges and corners of walls? Make a trip to your local hardware store to pick up a roll of painter’s tape. A highly underrated accessory to a painter’s toolkit, painter’s tape sets the boundaries for your painting project so that you can achieve a professional result without being left wondering how exact and clean your lines actually are. Using painter’s tape on your next project is a sure way to be left with a finished result that will continue to impress you.   

Variety Brush Pack

If you are unsure which brush will be perfect for the job at hand, make a safe choice by purchasing a variety pack filled with various brush types and sizes. There’s nothing quite as bad than starting a painting project only to realize that you’re missing an essential tool to complete your paint job. With a variety brush pack, you’ll be able to carry out any DIY job with a sense of readiness and confidence.

The suggested materials above are just a few of the necessary items needed to carry out a successful DIY project. It’s best practice to research the essential items that will suit your needs, as every room and painting project vary greatly. However, with the right amount of preparedness, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your home, leaving you with a more than desirable finished product.

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