Painting With Fall Inspiration

The leaves will soon be changing here in Fort Collins, and we can’t wait for that cool fall weather! If you have a slight obsession with fall (it’s alright, many people do) and want to capture that autumnal feeling in your home, we can help. Our painting contractors are ready to help you transform both the interior and exterior of your home to match your favorite of the seasons. Today, we would like to share some of the top decorating ideas and color accents you can use to make your home feel like fall all year round!

Accenting With Blue

A bright peacock blue can add a lot to a room when used as an accent. Try incorporating this blue in dining room chairs or perhaps a small nightstand in the corner of your room. It will stand out enough to play the role of a bold accent while still blending in well with the space. Pair this blue with burnt orange when possible. You’d be surprised how well the two go together!

Pops of Chartreuse

The citrusy green looks wonderful when placed behind a bookshelf or near white accessories. While many people associate the bright color with other seasons, we feel that this shade is ideal for brightening up darker spaces.

Silver Gray Door Trim

You can transform the doors in your home by painting the trim and any parts that stand out on the door. A plain, white door with silver gray trim can stand out and become a welcoming site for the hallway. It will refresh the hallway without adding an overwhelming amount of color, meaning that you can still direct focus to a particularly interesting accent piece or painting.

Red-Orange Accents

This stunning fall color works wonderfully in any room where you want an accent. Pairing one accent wall in this shade with a rustic trunk or dresser can capture a homey feel. Add in a country style light fixture to make the entire room feel more cohesive. This is a great choice for a guest bedroom.

Heather Gray Shelving

While this dark gray might be too much for your entire room, it can be perfect for a large, central fixture—such as a bookshelf or two. Put them on either side of an entertainment center with a patterned wall behind it to make it appear as though the shelves are built into the wall.

Blue Gray Walls

What color of wall will really help your accent pieces stand out without overpowering the room? Neutral colors are a good option, but we know how boring white walls can feel before you have the right accent pieces. By choosing that sweet spot between blue and gray, you can pair even the craziest of accent colors to make the room feel more eclectic and inviting.

As always, if you are interested in transforming the walls inside your home to match your change of taste, Horner Painting is here to help! We offer both interior and exterior painting services to match your needs. Contact us today to get started — we provide painting services for folks here in Fort Collins and across the Front Range.