Room Renovation During Painting Stage

It’s official, spring has officially sprung which can mean many different things, but for homeowners it means spring cleaning. If you’ve already started and finished spring cleaning, you might be ahead of the game, but there still might be some cleaning that needs to be done. In fact, we’re pretty sure there is. Oftentimes, people think that spring cleaning only applies to the interior of the home, with deep scrubbing of floor boards and organization. But it’s important that you take into account exactly what the exterior of your home needs. Why, you ask? Because it weathers the elements as it protects you, so it takes the biggest beating. You owe it to your home to use a painting contractor for these spring cleaning services.

  • Pressure Washing – Pressure washing is everything that your home exterior needs. Throughout the cold months of the year, your house can get increasingly dirty. Now we’re not talking about the mud that has built up in your wash room, we’re talking about actual grime on the exterior of your home. Hiring the right painting contractor will get rid of this filth, and make your home look like new.
  • Trim Painting – The trim paint tends to get a little flaky, and can begin to peel after a harsh winter. Have your professional painter touch up the trim of your home.
  • Varnish Work – Just as your home took a winter’s beating, so did you deck and/or patio. Talk to your local painting company about a new coat of varnish on your deck.

When it comes to improving the exterior of your home, there are endless things you can do for it. If you’re interested in improving the outside look of your home, contact your Top Rated Local® house painting providers here at Horner Painting. We offer service throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Fort Collins.