Living Room With White and Tan Paint

If we can tell you anything about painting, it’s that a fresh coat of color can update any room in your home, giving it new life and making your home feel renewed. However, the idea of painting your house can be stressful and there are a lot of myths out there surrounding painting. As your local, trusted painting contractors in Northern Colorado, we’re here to debunk some of the most common painting myths once and for all.

  • White walls are boring and institutional. While uncolored paint can make you feel like bouncing off the walls, there are a million shades of white to consider that won’t make you feel crazy. Creamy whites are warm and soothing while shades like citric white add energy to rooms.
  • If you use dark paint colors in a room, it will feel and look smaller. This is quite the opposite if done correctly! Bold, dark colors can make a statement and don’t scream “small” if you do it right. If you’ve got a lot of light-colored furniture, fixtures, and floors or a space with a lot of windows, then you’ll need to use bold colors to add personality to the room.
  • If you freshen up one wall with paint, you have to freshen them all up! This isn’t the case – even if you’ve lost the name of the color that’s on your walls, you can usually get it matched to something that has a very close likeness. It’s completely okay to paint wall-by-wall if you need to.

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