How to Clean Your Garage

During the dark, cold days of winter, you may ultimately ignore your garage except when you are entering and exiting your vehicle. For many homeowners, we may do a decent job of keeping our homes clean, but our garages can quickly become cluttered and dirty. In fact, even the thought of cleaning and organizing your garage might cause you to shudder with fear. Although it could take as long as your entire weekend to complete, cleaning your garage could give you quite the peace of mind. Harboring all kinds of useless clutter can overwhelm you, but a clean, clutter-free garage can fill you with a sense of satisfaction.

Where Do I Begin?

Your garage may indeed be such a mess that you wonder where you should even begin. You’re probably not going to like this answer, but the best way to start is by hauling everything out of your garage. It’s best to start with a clean slate for optimal and not half-assed results. This means removing lawn mowers, tools, bikes, shovels, boxers, and all of that other junk in your garage.


Much to your dismay, your garage can be a cesspool for dead bugs, dirt, and other nasty debris. Give your space a nice, intense sweep to start anew and get rid of nasty deceased critters.

Air It Out

You may notice that your garage smells downright disgusting, so it’s time to take some action. Leave your garage door open for several hours to air out your space while running some fans to circulate as much air as possible. This could be a great time to organize your tools, which might involve installing a pegboard into your garage. Would you like to free up some space in your garage? Maybe you could install a bike rack into one of your walls as well.

Deodorize Those Walls

Spray your walls with undiluted white vinegar to deodorize your garage. Undiluted vinegar could make your eyes water, but it’s nontoxic. Once the walls are dry, the odor goes away. However, you should always add a few drops of essential oil to mask the scent. Leave out open boxes of baking soda in several areas in your garage to keep odors at bay.

Oil Marks

Oil spots can be cleaned with by mixing one-third a cup of laundry detergent with a gallon of warm or hot water for small stains. If you have a particularly large stain, try applying the detergent mixture to the stain and then covering it with a thin layer of kitty litter overnight. The next day, use your heel to grind that kitty litter into the stain and sweep it up. Follow by using a garden hose to rinse it. For the toughest oil stains of all, use a concrete degreaser to clean it.

Seal Cracks

Unfortunately, the salt you use to melt ice in your driveway could create cracks in your garage floor. Use a polymer crack sealant to cover any cracks in your floor.

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