How Color Can Affect Your Mood

You may have heard before that color can affect your mood. That might be why beach houses tend to have soft pastel colors adorning the walls, while upscale restaurants tend to lean towards darker colors. However, no matter what you feel in these environments, you know that the feeling is temporary. When it comes to designing and painting your own home, you will want to be aware of what colors make you feel a certain way. After all, you will be affected by your color choices until you either move or choose to paint your house again. In order to make the best color decision for your home, read on to learn more about how the colors you choose can affect your mood — don’t hesitate to give us a call if you want to improve the color and mood of your home with a fresh coat of paint!

Color Psychology

Even though people have admitted to experiencing both emotional and physiological effects when exposed to certain colors, much of these stories and experiences are anecdotal. People are just now beginning to explore color psychology for the impact it can truly carry. Even though there isn’t much research in this area, the idea of color psychology has become a prevalent one in marketing, art, design, and other areas that rely heavily on color. However, much of how you feel about a color is a product of how you were raised and the culture you grew up in – in western culture, white is a sign of purity and innocence, while white is seen as a color of mourning in many eastern countries.

The Effects

Even though people have different ways of interpreting a color’s meaning, they tend to have similar classifications. For example, reds, oranges, and yellows are all considered to be warmer colors. Depending on the person and the shade of these colors, they can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort all the way to feelings of hostility and anger. On the other hand, blues, purples, and greens can evoke feelings of calm all the way to sadness or even indifference.


Even though the results of color psychology are inconclusive, we can trace using colors as a type of therapy back to Egyptian and Chinese cultures. This is called “chromotherapy,” and it is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology. It is still used today as a holistic treatment. The colors used depend on the desired effects:

  • Red – Stimulates both your body and mind to increase circulation.
  • Yellow – Stimulates and purifies the body.
  • Orange – Heal lungs and raise your energy levels.
  • Blue – Soothes pain and helps rid the body of illness.
  • Indigo – Relieve skin ailments.

Of course, using these colors in your house may not provide this sort of healing, but you can still take the psychology of colors into account when designing your room.

Modern Research

While the color choices you make may not have a dramatic impact on your life, there have been a few modern studies that have shown color to make a difference:

  • Warm-colored placebo pills, such as ones colored with yellow, orange, or red tones, are much more likely to be effective than cool-colored ones.
  • Some evidence has shown that blue-tinted streetlights have decreased the crime levels in that area.
  • Researchers have found that the color red improves athletic performance by increasing their speed and force.
  • Historical research has shown that sports teams that are dressed in black uniforms are more likely to receive penalties.

Choosing Colors for Your Home

When choosing colors for your home, it’s best to consider what colors make you feel the way you want to feel in a given room. If you want to feel mellow and relaxed in your bedroom, then see how you feel when looking at cooler colors or colors with cool undertones. If you want your kitchen to be alert and buzzing with energy, you may want to lean towards warmer colors. When in doubt, you can always call an interior designer to give their input.

House Painting Professionals

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