Painter Removing Tape on Walls With Gaudy Colors

Here at Horner Painting, your trusted and professional house painting experts in Fort Collins, we love a good DIY project just as much as the next person. Paint is one of the fastest ways to transform a room, a piece of furniture, or even just a small planter into something new. However, while the overall process of painting is pretty simple, it’s still surprisingly easy to make a mistake. Today we’ve got a few common mistakes that you should steer clear of during your next DIY painting project.

  • Don’t choose the inferior, cheaper paint applicators. You’ve spent a pretty penny on paint and we understand that it can be tempting to get the cheapest brushes and rollers to save money where you can, but don’t! If you want professional results, you have to start with quality tools and the investment in quality applicators is worth the money.
  • Proper preparation makes all the difference. We know you’re excited to start your project, but when it comes to painting you should always start with a blank slate. This means that you need to wash the surfaces you plan on painting. If you want the paint to go on smoothly, the surface needs to be dry, clean, and free of any loose debris.
  • Don’t skip the tape! There’s one thing that separates good work and great work and that’s attention to detail. If you want professional results, like clean lines, then don’t skip on the painter’s tape! When you take the time to tape, you’re guaranteeing the crisp edges you want.

Instead of turning your home into a DIY project, you can always count on the pros here at Horner. We paint homes for our neighbors across the Front Range from our home here in Fort Collins — we provide service throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us today!