Living Room With Bright Green Wall

Your living room is where your family gathers together, so you want to make sure it is somewhere pleasant and a room where you want to spend time. One of the main aspects of your interior decor that will influence how you perceive the room is the paint color on the walls. While picking a paint color for your living room can be a headache if you aren’t sure what will go best with your home decor, we have a few suggestions in this blog that might help — after all, our contractors have decades of experience painting living rooms here in Fort Collins and across the Front Range. Read on for some fresh ideas for paint colors for your living room.

Sky Blue

You want your living room to be a relaxing oasis. Why not pick one of the most relaxing colors in the world to surround you while you unwind for the day? Sky blue is a universally calming color, and it can make any space look larger and more airy. Whether you have chosen all of your furniture or not, sky blue walls look great with navy, white, gray, brown, teal, or black upholstery.


If you are looking for a neutral color, various shades of brown make excellent choices for your living room walls. A deep, dark brown is a great option if you have a larger space to work with (darker colors make spaces look smaller, so go lighter if your living room is small). Brown will give your living room a more earthy feel, so make sure to include plenty of white, black, green, and brown in your furnishings.


Your living room is a great space to get bold with your color choices. Orange is a vibrant, attention-grabbing color that can offer a beautiful backdrop for your wall art. If you opt for orange paint for your living room, you may want to go with more neutral furniture, but don’t hesitate to also add in deep reds, vivid fuchsias, and beautiful coppers.

Mint Green

Mint green has gained a lot of popularity in home decor recently, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Mint green offers a way to incorporate a feeling of nature into your living room without being too saturated of a color. If you are interested in green wall decor but also want to keep the room light and create the illusion of more space, mint is your best option. Decorate with browns, pinks, teals, and grays when you have mint walls.


Purple creates a sense of regality in any room without being too stuffy. Purple walls are for the bold and sophisticated, so if this describes your home decor, painting your living room purple may be right up your alley.

Light Pink

Light pink is a great paint color for anyone who likes a earthy yet feminine style for their living room. This color looks particularly beautiful in rooms where there is a lot of natural sunlight, filling the room with a soft, rosey light. If you decide to paint your living room light pink, you can balance the femininity of the color with more masculine tones, such as dark brown.

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