Avoid These Home Exterior Hazards

How often do you really think about the exterior of your home? For being the protective barrier around your abode, we often neglect to think about the hazards that can damage a home’s exterior. Too often, homeowners are stuck with extensive damage and costly repairs caused by a rogue branch, pooling water at the foundation of the home — you name it. That’s why we’re taking a moment today to mention a few common hazards that can damage your home, if they go overlooked. Keep an eye out for tree and bush branches, flames from a grill that is too close to the home, vines that can slowly eat away at siding, and pooling water that can seep into a home and/or damage its foundation.

Tree and Bush Branches

Tree and bush growth often goes unnoticed. However, these plants can slowly inch their limbs closer and closer towards the siding of your home. Over a matter of years, a tree that used to be in the middle of your yard may be approaching your home’s exterior and roof. And a bush may grow limbs that scrape against your siding, or roots that dig into your abode’s foundation. Be sure to keep an eye on rogue limbs that can scrape into your home’s siding or even fall onto your home. And trim back bushes that are liable to grow against your house. Be mindful of the proximity to your home when you plant new bushes and trees, and consider installing root barriers if you’re landscaping near your home’s exterior. You can also do some research into the estimated projected growth of specific bush and tree species, so you know how big the flora on your property will grow throughout the coming years and decades.

Grill Flames and Smoke

Your grill should never be too close to your home’s exterior. Heat from the flames of a grill can easily damage and warp siding, especially wood and vinyl siding. In addition, smoke can quickly stick to any siding surface, leaving a stain that may not easily come out. Plus, you never want to have a rogue ember or flame become an ignition source for a house fire. Keep your grill 10 feet away from your home, and keep it well away from other structures, like a gazebo, shed, or pergola.


While the weight of vines growing on the exterior of your home is unlikely to cause damage on its own, vines can damage different siding surfaces by holding moisture against these surfaces. Over time, moisture can rot away surfaces, and it can harbor mold that can speed up the wear and tear that your home’s exterior endures. Vines can also produce tendrils that can penetrate the siding of your home (especially wood and vinyl siding), which can warp the siding and cause damage. Moreover, vines can also house insects, birds, and critters, which may become a nuisance.

Pooling Water

Never let water pool near the foundation of your home. Pooling water can quickly seep into a home, making its way into your walls, floors, basement, etc. What’s worse is that pooling water can eventually leave your home full of mold and mildew. Plus, water can cause your home’s foundation to crack, which will lead to even more damage. Keep an eye out for any areas where the surrounding terrain slopes toward your home. These areas should be re-graded to direct water away from the home, or a French drain may be installed to ensure that pooling water doesn’t build up.

Minor Repairs and Exterior Painting

If you live here in Fort Collins or across the Front Range, we’d be happy to provide you with exterior painting and siding repair services, should you find that your home’s exterior is damaged. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re curious about any of our services, or if you’d like to get started. We provide home painting services (including interior and exterior services) throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath. We hope you continue to protect your home with our tips!