Home With New Coat of Paint on Siding

Snow may still be on the ground here in Northern Colorado, but Spring is right around the corner! As we thaw out from the deep freeze of winter, a lot of residents may find that it’s time to call their trusted Fort Collins-based painting contractors at Horner Painting after they inspect the exterior of their home. Today we’re going to give you a few warning signs that it may be time to paint the exterior of your home.

  • Do you notice any peeling paint? Look closely at the siding on your home and the trim for paint that is peeling as this is one of the most obvious signs that it’s time to paint the exterior of your home. Does your home have a side that gets more exposure to the elements than the other sides? This will be the side that shows signs of needing new paint the earliest. If siding and window sill paint is already peeling and flaking, you’ve already waited too long.
  • Does the paint have a chalky look to it? Even if you don’t seen flaking or peeling yet, if you notice a white-ish cast to the paint then your paint may be chalking and this is a sign that the paint has started to break down. This is another sign that it’s time to paint your home!
  • Do you see wood rot? Are there soft spots in the wood on your window sills or corner boards? Try pressing against different areas in the wood to see if there is any give. If there is give, then it’s likely rotten and will need to be replaced and repainted in order to seal the wood.

If you’re ready to paint your home, we’re eager to help. We proudly paint homes for folks across the Front Range from our home here in Fort Collins — we provide service throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath. If you’re ready to kick off your project reach out to us today!