Painting Tools and Swatches

When it comes to choosing exterior paint, or even interior paint, it’s important that you’re picking colors that you not only enjoy, but colors that are functional. The colors you choose should match the rest of your home, tying in one type of theme. And for your exterior paint, we recommend picking a color that will blend in with the rest of your neighborhood. But what else should you take into account when wanting to paint your house?

  • Lighting – When you’re taking a look through the many different swatches of paint colors your local painting contractors have given you, take the lighting around you into account. The lighting at the store is more than likely very different than the lighting in your home, so match the colors to the lighting in your home.
  • Color Matching – When attempting to re-do the exterior paint on your home, make sure that you have enough paint. But more importantly, if you need more paint, make sure that the new coat of paint is the same shade that you used previously. The slightest change in shade will make a huge difference in the appearance of your home, and for many homeowners, they might have to answer to their HOA for the drastic change. When it comes to the interior paint, matching is just as important. It’s important for keeping a common theme throughout the home, as well as keeps the room from having a clashing and tacky effect.

If you’re getting ready to paint the interior, or the exterior of your home, consider hiring a painting contractor. They can help you with choosing the right paint for the job, and if you would rather leave the work to the professionals, go ahead and call Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Local® Painting Contractors at Horner Painting. We provide service across the Front Range from our hometown of Fort Collins.