Most skilled and efficient

Recently we received a letter from Horner Painting stating that the company had painted our home when it was originally constructed. Mr. Horner indicated that with normal aging, it could be time to consider acquiring an examination of the house to determine if any new painting may be needed.

We asked Mr. Horner to do an inspection of the house, which he did promptly, and decided the exterior surface was just fine, but the wood window casings definitely needed washing, scraping, and repainting. We asked for an estimate, which was very prompt, and extremely fair.

This letter is a strong recommendation for Horner Painting and its employees, and we would be happy to speak with anyone as to our satisfaction. The work was done in a very timely fashion. His employees were most skilled and efficient, very neat and orderly, and all items in the contract were done exactly as agreed to. We can definitely recommend Horner Painting.

Herb - Windsor, CO