Deciding to work from home is a modern luxury available to workers in nearly every field of work. From small business startups to remotely working for a large corporation, the opportunities to work from home are vast, but such a decision can be greatly affected by the quality of a home office. While acquiring office furniture, computers, and other necessities is easier than ever, simply owning the required tools does not always result in an excellent work environment. One thing many Fort Collins residents overlook when creating their home office is choosing the right paint colors. If you are looking to transform a spare room into your home office, it is important to figure out the best way to make your home office as productive as possible — and of course, we’d be happy to help paint your home, once you’ve settled on the right color!

Match Your Paint Color to Your Occupation

It is no secret that color affects the human mind’s behavior patterns. For example, we consider certain colors to be “warm” while other colors are referred to as “cold” based on the brain’s interpretation of the color. Another way our brains interact with color is the psychological effects created by certain paint colors; one commonly understand reaction to the color red, for instance, is anger. According to some psychologists, it is possible to match the paint color of your home office to your job. Yellows are said to help focus while blues are considered to be calming. In fact, one of the most popular home office paint colors is yellow because it encourages focus as working from home can also be coupled with day-to-day distractions.

Pick Your Accent Colors Wisely

In addition to choosing the right interior paint color for the walls of your home office, it is important to choose the right accent colors as well. Complementary colors make the most sense both aesthetically and from a psychological point of view as well. One common route would be to blend the calming effects of blue walls with the focusing power of yellow trim. It is also important to remember not to create too much chaos with your paint choices; an unbalanced room with lots of different colors of paint can easily trick the brain into thinking things are in disarray.

Choose the Right Type of Paint

In addition to determining the right interior paint colors for your home, choosing the right type of paint matters as well. Glossy paints typically cause the brain to process at a higher energy and maybe be best for more intense home office work such as sales or contract negotiation while flatter colors generate a more calming, laid back effect best suited for jobs that require high concentration and extended periods of critical thought. In addition to picking the right style of interior paint, be sure to keep in mind that you will be spending the majority of your time working in this space. Choose paints that do not have volatile organic compounds (VOC) whenever possible.

Hire a Professional Painter

Horner offers the best interior painting in Fort Collins.

Perhaps the best path of action when painting a home office is to hire a professional painter to handle the job for you. Not only will an interior painting expert be able to properly choose the right style of paints, they will also be able to finish the job quickly which will further minimize the distractions involved with working from home.

If you are interested in adding a home office to your home, contact Horner Painting today. We provide painting services here in our hometown of Fort Collins and across the Front Range