Summer is a season that seems to fly by in Northern Colorado. When most people in the country think about Colorado, they tend to associate the state with winter weather and the sports that accompany that season, such as skiing and snowboarding. Far fewer people tend to visit Colorado in the summertime, which is a truly wonderful time of year. People from the hotter Southern states enjoy the lack of humidity and sunny weather this time of year. One of the most pleasant activities to enjoy after a hard day’s work is to spend time relaxing on your deck. Perhaps as you spend more time outside on your deck, you may notice that it could use some sprucing up. Today we would like to discuss some methods you can use to improve the appearance of your deck.

Add Potted Plants

Nothing breathes life into your outdoor space like potted plants. Colorful flowers add a truly delightful ambience and fragrance to your outdoor space. If you love to cook, you might even consider growing an herb garden or some veggies on your deck as well. We must warn you that you could have a hard time eating store-bought tomatoes once you’ve eaten homegrown tomatoes.

Toss Pillows on Your Outdoor Furniture

If you want to make your outdoor furniture truly irresistible, add some outdoor throw pillows to them. Not only will they make your outdoor furniture more comfortable, you could add some colorful flair to your outdoor furniture.

Add Screens

Unfortunately, not all Colorado homes have a view of the mountains. If your deck overlooks an unsightly landscape, consider installing screens on your deck to block your view.

Block the Sun

Our high elevation results in some pretty intense sunlight, which is why it’s a good idea to block out some of the rays. If you add a sun umbrella to your deck, you could enjoy the nice weather without worrying about getting sunburnt. Besides offering protection from the sun, an umbrella can add unique flair to your deck.

Add an Outdoor Rug

Another simple way to transform the look of your outdoor space is by adding an outdoor rug to your deck. A nice rug helps tie together all of the outdoor furniture on your deck and offer a cozy feel. You’ll be more likely to lounge about barefoot on a summer night when you have an outdoor rug.

Add Outdoor Lights

Why not put all of your discarded Christmas lights to use by adding them to your deck? Everybody enjoys soft lighting, and outdoor lights add quite the sparkle to your special space.

Repaint or Restain Your Deck

Whether your deck is painted or stained, it might be looking tired and worn out. Our painting contractors in Fort Collins are happy to bring your deck back to life with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Contact Horner Painting to get started today. Some of our other services also include interior and exterior painting, color match, drywall repair, fences and railing, caulking and glazing, power washing, garages and basements and more.