It’s Time to Repair Your Dinged, Damaged Drywall

Whether it’s a bolt hole or a dent that your tyke happened to make as they were cruising around the home on their tricycle, you can count on us to repair your drywall. We’ll make your home whole again, and then we’ll paint the new, flat surface in order to match the rest of your wall. Take note, we do not provide repairs for larger (more than a couple inches) drywall projects which may require new drywall—but we’ll certainly paint your wall after a larger repair!

How We Perform Your Drywall Repair

Our repair technique will depend on the damage to the drywall. We use a variety of materials that make your drywall surface flush, including puddy, patches, and plugs. Once the material has set, we’ll gently sand and smooth the surface to the perfect texture. Then, we can paint over the new surface. We can match the current color of your wall, or we can paint the whole wall with a fresh coat—it’s up to you!

Horner Doesn’t Just Provide Painting

Our services don’t stop at painting. We also provide minor repair services so that you can complete the whole project in one fell swoop. We’ll be in and out of your home in a jiff. You can just hire one crew, and you’ll just get one bill. Get started with a quote for your repairs and painting, or call us if you have any questions!