Looking for the best home painting outfit in Loveland? Look no further. Horner Painting is your Top Rated Local® painting company. Here at Horner, we proudly provide interior and exterior painting services, as well as a variety of additional home maintenance services.

Interior Painting

Have walls that are covered in scuff marks? Or rooms with paint that has been bleached by the sun? Or perhaps you simply want to give your home a new look and feel with a fresh coat of paint. Regardless of your demands, we’re sure to exceed your desires. Whether you want us to touch up a wall or two, or if you want to repaint the whole house, we do it all. We’ll work with you to determine the perfect colors for your home and the best walls to accent in each space. With Horner Painting’s interior painting services, you can rest assured that you’ll have perfectly picturesque surfaces with complete, thorough coats, and clean lines.

Exterior Painting

If the exterior of your home is lackluster, we can bring life back to your abode. Make your home glow with a new color and a fresh coat of paint. We paint home exteriors from head to toe, including the trim, so your home will be the talk of the town.

Our Other Services

Our services don’t stop there. Here at Horner Painting, we do it all. Count on us for all of the following services, in addition to our traditional home painting services:

Color Matching: When you have a wall that needs a patch of paint, or if you have a wall that wasn’t fully painted in the first place, we can match the color of your paint to ensure that your wall is completely uniform.

Drywall Repair: Have a hole in your drywall? We provide minor drywall repair services, alongside our interior painting services, so that your damaged walls look as good as they did when your home was built.

Siding Repair: Do you have damaged siding? We provide minor siding repair and replacement services in conjunction with our exterior home painting services.

Fence Painting: Have fences or railing that could use a fresh coat? We paint and finish fencing and railing so your whole property will look its best.

Caulking and Glazing: We can reseal your windows and doors with a fresh, professionally applied strip of caulking. Caulking and glazing improve your home’s efficiency, and with Horner Painting, we’ll ensure that your caulking is applied in clean, straight lines.

Wood Finishing: Whether it’s your deck, a fence, a gazebo—you name it—we can protect the wood structures around your home with a clear coat or varnish.

Garages, Barns, Etc.: We don’t just paint homes. We can paint any structure on your property. Here at Horner, we can complete all of your residential painting in one fell swoop.

Power Washing: We provide power washing services! If your home requires a power wash before we apply a coat of paint, we’ll be sure to bring the sprayer.

Loveland’s Professional Painters

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